Mosaic Church - Clarksville

Kortney, young mother of two boys, Axil 9 and Wyatt 5. Dropped them off at their father's house, Joshua. Left clothing/important documents stole a gun, is suicidal. Pray for salvation/healing.

Aug-03 / last prayer 6h ago
Thomas Reason
Mosaic Church - Stewart County

Thomas Reason of Stewart County is experiencing bleeding in the brain. The doctors are not sure yet whether it is an easy fix or not. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Aug-04 / last prayer 6h ago
Joyce Ostermiller
Mosaic Church - Clarksville

Please pray for Brent and Joyce Ostermiller of Nashville. Joyce is battling cancer, and she and her husband are in need of prayer. Please pray for a miracle in their lives.

Aug-11 / last prayer 6h ago
Mosaic Church - Clarksville

Prayer for a friend with special needs child who is having a rough time right now. He is taking his anger and frustration out on her and his sibling. Prayer for them to find affordable housing soon.

Aug-07 / last prayer 6h ago
Kimberly Stover
Mosaic Church - Clarksville

Please God on Tuesday let me bring my boys home.

Aug-14 / last prayer 6h ago